The Benefits Exercise Can Have for Seniors | Executive Care of Southern Ocean

When it comes to a healthy life, there are many different components—regular exercise, not smoking, a balanced diet, plenty of quality sleep.

But of those, exercise perhaps offers the widest range of benefits, especially for older adults.

Physical Improvements From Regular Exercise

It might be harder to find the motivation to exercise as we age, but that’s outweighed by the numerous benefits of physical fitness:

Increase in strength. Our ability to move around—also known as mobility—often diminishes as we get older. Regular exercise can help combat that effect.

Stronger immune system. Exercise increases overall immunity and makes it easier to fight off disease.

Improvement in chronic conditions. Chronic medical conditions are common among older adults, with most experiencing at least one. Exercise can help diminish symptoms and improve overall health.

Increase in energy. Exercise is known to increase blood flow and rid the body of stress hormones, leaving the body free to expend energy on other things.

Lower blood pressure. Physical activity can help a person maintain a normal blood pressure level, and it’s also been shown to help moderate blood pressure in those who have chronic hypertension.

Decrease in falls. Seniors who exercise regularly are less likely to fall and injure themselves during routine activities.

Mental Improvements From Regular Exercise

The physical benefits may be most obvious, but exercise also offers some pretty significant cognitive and mental health benefits, too:

Improved mood. The positive endorphins released during physical activity help boost mood and fend off conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Improved focus. Not only is exercise a well-known deterrent to Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, but it can also improve overall focus as well.

Reduced stress. Exercise removes stress hormones in the body. This is great for our mental well-being, as well as decreasing blood pressure and heart issues.

Great Exercises for Aging Adults

It’s important to talk with a doctor before beginning any type of new exercise routine, but there are certain exercises promoted as especially helpful for seniors:

  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Yoga
  • Pilates

Aim for combination of exercise types—a workout routine should include heart-pumping activities, along with those that boost balance and those that boost bone health and muscle strength.

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