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Low Impact Exercises For Better Health

If your aging loved one is looking for an active and independent lifestyle, getting daily exercise is especially important! However, many seniors have some joint pain or mobility limitations that can make regular exercise very difficult.

So, what can these individuals do? Let’s take a look at some low-impact exercises that are easy for people with limited mobility to work into their daily routine!

Walking Is a Good Place to Start

Many people may not think of walking as an exercise. But this most basic mode of getting around is also the most basic form of low-impact cardiovascular exercise!

Encourage your loved ones that are out of shape or just out of practice to get into the habit of walking over the course of a couple of weeks. Even squeezing in a 10-minute walk every day is a lot healthier than inactivity!

Exercise While Sitting

While walking is a great exercise for many people, it isn’t an option for everyone. That’s especially true for older adults who have limited mobility or joint pain. Fortunately, there are exercises that can be done without even leaving your chair!

Some low-impact upper body chair exercises are perfect even for people who don’t have great range of motion in their lower bodies. Start the seated workout off with some simple neck stretches, arm stretches and shoulder circles to warm up.

Next, use some light weights or canned foods to perform some basic strength exercises. Pull the elbows back, weights in hand, and squeeze the shoulder blades to perform a seated row. After a few reps, move onto some slow shoulder rolls—make sure to hold onto those weights!

Exercise the core from a chair with some gentle seated abdominal twists to finish off this workout.

Swimming Exercises

Any kind of swimming provides a great workout, since you’re moving your entire body while not having to deal with the force of gravity. But you don’t have just swim laps! You can also incorporate swimming exercises to mix things up some!

Using a kickboard or the side of the pool, seniors can straighten their legs with quick kicks or slower leg swings.

Limited leg movement? Try using water weights to do arm circles, arm curls or a chest fly!

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